Durham & District Riding Club

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Area Two

As we are affiliated to British Riding Clubs we are eligible to enter Area competions.  


DDRC is within BRC Area Two.


If you wish to represent the riding club at any of these events, either as an individual or as a team member, please vist the Facebook group where all events are listed and the team managers will take names from there.  


As a member of Area 2 we  have to help out at Area events - this is a condition of being affiliated to the area. Requests for help are added to the website and our Facebook pages  - please let a committee member know if you are available on any of the dates as it seems to be all the same people who volunteer again and again! Helping out at an event is a good way to learn more about that particular area.





If you wish to compete at Area Two Competitions please make sure that your horse has the necessary Flu Vaccination.  


You should always check back through the flu vaccination history and, in particular, make sure the first 3 vaccs were done correctly – because this is often where people fall foul of the rules.  They are Jockey club rules and they are also on British Riding Club and the Area website if you’re unsure you can also use the Flue Checker if you have Microsoft Excel


                 FLU CHECKER                                    


Remember it’s each individual horse owner’s responsibility to ensure they are correct.



You will be required to produce the following items:


Horses passport ........ check your vaccinations by clicking the link  on this page........


BRC Membership card


Hat - as per BRC Requirements


* Body protector (for horse trials only) - as per BRC Requirements