Durham & District Riding Club

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About the Club

What is Durham & District Riding Club about?


The Club was established by a group of horse lovers with a wide range of interests, from non-riders to keen competitors.


We realised that everybody wants different activities from a riding club.  Many people had never joined a riding club, as they didn't wish to compete, so  didn't feel that there was anything on offer for them.


We decided to set up a club which would cater for everyone's needs.


One of our main objectives is to promote unmounted and mounted education, and we offer education and information for all.  Our programme involves a wide range of events, from feeding and nutrition advice to understanding the bio-mechanics of the horse, as well as high-quality riding tuition.


We also welcome non-members to all of our events, so feel free to bring your friends along too!


We have members throughout Durham and from as far as the Northumberland/Durham border down to the Durham/North Yorkshire border.


We offer an open-minded approach, and welcome any thoughts and ideas from our members about what they would like the Club to provide.  We even have a Safeguarding Officer, who acts on behalf of the junior members to ensure that they too have a voice in the Club.


Our members range from 5 years old upwards - the age for senior members being 17 years and upwards.  By becoming a member of D&DRC, you'll not only benefit from generous member discounts at demonstrations, lectures and mounted tuition, but  you can also put forward your ideas for future activities.


After all, it's your Club!


When you join, you will receive a welcome pack and membership card.  You are also invited to the committee meetings, which always involve something to eat too!   Everyone is very friendly, and you will be very welcome.  All ideas and requests will be considered.


There is something on offer for everyone at Durham & District Riding Club - we have tailored the Club for riders and non-riders, competitive and non-competitive, horse owners and non-horse owners.  We know that many people have horses but no access to transport to attend mounted events, so we can arrange for an instructor to teach a group of you on your own yard at an affordable rate!


All of our events are adverstised on our members only facebook page with the exception of our Dressage League which is open to all and advertised on an open group.